My At-Home Reading Survival Kit

If you’re anything like me, reading is a completely immersive process – and one that frequently leads to all the feels. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve started a book, only to be attacked by emotion when I’m least expecting it; after 21+ years of reading, I’ve finally figured out the best ways to survive this emotionally-intensive (and I mean that in a good way!) experience.

Find a reading nook

I will typically start reading a book on my couch and then, when feelings strike, I’ll move to my bedroom – that way, I’m a bit more hidden and get fewer questions from my family regarding the moisture leaking out of my eyes/the loud, involuntary gasps (and occasional “what are you doing?!” exclamations) that I’ve been making.

Fill it with lots of pillows

It’s a scientifically proven fact that throw pillows make everything better. My bed and my couch have both been transformed into ridiculously comfy (and aesthetic) reading clouds by the addition of about a million of these wonderful creations. They’re also great during intense scenes because they can’t complain about how hard you squeeze.

Arm yourself with tea & treats

It’s a scientifically-proven fact that tea and cookies are the best comfort foods. I love to bake so freshly-made treats are almost always available in my home; if I don’t have those, though, I make sure to have a plate of fruit nearby to replenish the energy I’ve expended through all my inevitable tears.

Make sure your phone is fully charged

I keep my phone plugged in and on do-not-disturb mode when I’m reading since I obviously need to text my bookish friends with updates of every emotion I feel during the book, whether it’s a super swoony scene or I’m just annoyed at the characters.

& have a notebook close by

I like to write down my favourite quotes and thoughts on certain sections as I read (which is an area where my iPad and the Libby app excels) – it’s made the reviewing process so much easier, especially when it involves books I read months ago and reviews that still haven’t been written.


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