Made in Canada Challenge

Despite being a proud Canadian, the number of Canadian books I have read (both in terms of author and setting) are few and far between. In fact, despite compiling this list several years ago, I am ashamed to admit that I’ve barely made a dent in that portion of my TBR list.

As a result, I’ve decided to challenge myself to read more books by fellow Canadians/set in my beautiful country. I’ll be linking up my progress on this page as I go along, in case you’re interested in giving some of these books a read as well.



  • Erin Bow
    • Plain Kate
    • The Scorpion Rules
  • Elsie Chapman
    • All the Ways Home
    • Dualed
    • Hungry Hearts
  • Kristen Ciccarelli
    • The Last Namsara
  • E.K. Johnson
    • A Thousand Nights
    • The Afterward
    • Exit, Pursued by a Bear
    • The Story of Owen
  • Emily St. John Mandel
    • The Glass Hotel
  • Lianne Oelke
    • Nice Try, Jane Sinner
  • Kelly Powell
    • Cacophony
  • Kevin Sands
    • The Blackthorn Key
  • Kim Smejkal
    • Ink in the Blood
  • Courtney Summers
    • All the Rage
    • Sadie
  • Maggie L. Wood
    • Captured


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