Waiting On Wednesday (July 17)

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine, which spotlights upcoming releases that are eagerly anticipated.

This week’s release that I’m (not so) patiently awaiting is Speak Easy by Melanie Harlow, which has an expected publication date of July 22.

1Temptation is everywhere.

It’s July 1923. By day twenty-year-old Tiny O’Mara works for her father’s smalltime bootlegging operation. By night she craves the roll-your-stockings-down lifestyle of a flapper, but with her mother gone, she’s usually stuck at home with two younger sisters—until her father is kidnapped by a mobster in Detroit’s exploding organized crime scene, and it’s Tiny who has to come up with the ten-thousand-dollar ransom.

In one week.

Enzo DiFiore’s screen-idol looks and dangerous charm leave her breathless, even though he’s the son of the mobster holding her father hostage. But when the forbidden spark between them refuses to burn out, she tries to use their powerful attraction to buy more time.

And then there’s Joey Lupo, the irritatingly handsome pest from her childhood who’s got the street smarts Tiny needs to smuggle enough booze to make a quick ten grand. But he’s got his own agenda where gang rivalries are concerned, and despite his promise to protect her, Tiny isn’t sure she can trust Joey—or stop her growing feelings for him.

To save her father’s life, she’ll have to choose between them. But deciding whom to trust isn’t easy in a world where everyone wants something—be it booze, money, power, or sex—and no one cares what it takes to get it.

It’s no secret that I love any book set in the Roaring Twenties. I’ve often said that I feel like I’d make a good flapper – after all, I already have short hair and would dress like one every day if I could afford to. Unfortunately, I was born a good 70 years too late, so I’ll have to live vicariously through this book and others like it.

Which books are you waiting on?

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    • I really liked both the Bright Young Things and the Flappers series. : )
      I haven’t seen it yet. I told myself that I wouldn’t watch it until I’ve read the book but I haven’t gotten around to it. (Shameful, I know). It looks really good though!

        • Well, now you might end up picturing Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby while reading, which is always a plus. 😉
          For some reason, it’s one of those books that I’ve been meaning to read but that I keep putting off in favour of aaaall the other books I have at home… so at the rate I’m going, I’ll probably end up watching the movie first too.

          • I know how you feel. I’ve had an ebook copy of it for the past few years. I keep telling myself that the reason why I haven’t read it yet is because I’m waiting for a paperback copy and the holds list at the library is so long that I’m better off waiting a little bit longer. It makes me feel a little bit better about not reading it, haha.

          • I’m glad I’m not the only one!
            Agreed. I’m usually pretty patient, but when it comes to holds lists, I get a little sad when I see that I’m not first in line. I’m usually all “I NEED IT NOW” *grabby hands* haha

          • Yes! If I am looking up the book, it means I want it to be in the library that second, haha. I hate waiting times.
            If I really REALLY want the book, though, I might go and buy it 😀 Like TFiOS (which I still haven’t read, but I like knowing it’s there).

          • Exactly! I have so many books on hold that my library has just ordered; it’s fun to browse through the “on order” books, but it’s not so fun having to wait for them to get put into the system…
            I do that all the time! I just bought two books (Shadow and Bone and Ruby Red) since they were on sale and now I can read them right away. 😀 I did that with TFiOS as well – it’s really good!

          • Same with mine! And it takes sooo long for them to finally get around to ordering new releases in the first place… I’ve started sending in order requests to make sure that they order the books I want to read and to make sure that I get them first.
            I’m really excited to read it! 😀 I’ve heard so many good things about it – most of which were about the Darkling, haha.

          • Me, too! I have sent in so many order requests, it’s actually kind of crazy. They must trust me though, because they’ve said yes to most of them 😀
            Aw, man, the Darkling. SO much love (even though he’s evil, haha!)

          • That’s always good. They really should just hire us to do the ordering for them – I’d have so much fun with that! 😀
            Haha, the evil guys are usually the most fun to read about, so I’m really looking forward to him.

          • I know! Just hire me as the YA/manga order person, and I will order in all the awesome books that people actually want to read. That would be so awesome 😀
            They are really fun to read, and the Darkling’s kind of sexy, haha.

          • Exactly, it’d be beneficial for everyone, really. And if we get to read the books first, even better! I kind of want to email my library and ask if this can happen, haha.

          • I swear they get in all the crappy books that no one is really interested in, and then they don’t order in the fantastic looking ones!
            I think go for it, Erin! Maybe your library people are nicer than mine, because I know they would never say yes 🙁

          • Or they end up getting books that no one has heard of and just end up sitting on the shelf gathering dust. It’s kind of sad.
            I love the ladies at my library! I’m sure that the head librarian would probably say no to me though, since the lady in charge of doing the ordering has worked there for ages…

          • It is sad, though! I always feel really sorry for those books. That sounds weird, but I like to attach feelings to inanimate objects, haha.
            My library ladies are horrible D: They’re really mean, and nasty. I wish I had nice library ladies.
            Aw, no! Maybe you could ask to do just the YA orders? Since you’re a YA? Haha 🙂

          • I do too, haha. I always want to bring home all of those books so that they can be read and enjoyed at least once.
            Aw, but library ladies are surrounded by books all the time so they should be happy (or a little bit nicer, anyways). My one library lady is nothing like the stereotypical librarian: she talks so loudly! She’s so much fun though, and was my favourite to work with.

          • Yes! If I had more time, I would definitely like to try out some of the unloved books.
            I know! I always think: you should be happy, happy people – I could think of nothing better than being surrounded by books all day every day. Be happy!
            I want a fun, loud librarian. Sigh.
            Did you work at your library!?

          • Me too. Underrated books like that definitely need more love, so I may have to modify my to-read list to accommodate them.
            Exactly! It’d be like a dream come true working with books all day! I know that some of the people visiting the library may not be the easiest to deal with, but it seems like a perfect job aside from that.
            I worked as a student library page all throughout high school. It was the best job since I got to shelve books, work at the circulation desk, help with children’s programs, and help people in general. 😀

          • I try and add indie authors into my TBR, as well.
            Yes! Those library ladies obviously do not appreciate their jobs as much as they should. But there are not-so-nice people in pretty much every job, and imagine the excited little kids who are trying to find their books! So cute 😀
            Ohmygosh, I wish I could have done that in high school! That sounds so awesome!

          • Aw, the little kids would be so adorable! It would be so much fun to help them find books, since children’s books are the cutest things.
            It was the best job experience. If I didn’t like the sciences so much, it might have convinced me to be a librarian instead, haha.

          • I know, right! I wouldn’t be able to resist giving them suggestions, like Deltora’s Quest. That is a must read for any child, if you ask me.
            Ah, I have that same problem! if I wasn’t so in love with animals, I definitely would have taken a creative writing course! I love writing more than anything else (except reading).
            Do you know what kind of job you want after you graduate? 🙂 I know that’s an annoying question that everyone asks, but I’m interested, haha!

          • I don’t think I’ve actually read that. 😮 I might just have to add it to my to-read list, since I still enjoy reading children’s books. I’d be sending every child home with either A Series of Unfortunate Events (which I love) or If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (which is so cute!).
            I would love to take a creative writing course! I have so many notebooks filled with unfinished stories, poems, songs… and even a pirate musical, haha.
            I actually don’t mind being asked that question – all I’ve heard all summer is “so where are you working?” so it’s definitely a nice change from that. I really want to be a veterinarian. I’ve been thinking about wildlife rehabilitation as a backup plan in case I don’t get into veterinary medicine (there’s only one vet school in my area and it’s reaaally competitive) but being a small animal vet has been my dream for years. 😀
            What do you want to do after graduation?

          • Ohmygosh, Erin! How could you have not read Deltora’s Quest! It was pretty much the best children’s series I read as a kid (besides my beloved horsie ones, haha!). Its a fantasy series, and it’s just amazing. 😀 I still enjoy reading the occasional kids book, too. It’s fun!
            I have never read ASoUE. Shame on me, I know. I do intend to read them one day, though. The Mouse book sounds cute!
            So you’re the same as me, then! Although I have never tried to write songs, or musicals, because I am musically challenged, haha.
            Oh, wow. We are so similar, it’s kind of crazy. It was my dream to be a vet since I was five years old. And then I missed out by two grade points when I graduated high school, so I went into marine and Wildlife Bio instead. It is really competitive here, too, as there are only teo vet schools in the state. I really hope you get in 😀
            I actually kind of have NO IDEA what I want to do when I graduate D: There are so many opportunities out there. I think I might further my study, and do something like zoo animal care, or even vet nursing. Or maybe even apply to get into vet again. Who knows!

          • My library doesn’t even have a copy of it! (Shameful, right?) I’ll put in an interlibrary loan request, since it looks like a fun read! I love the Series of Unfortunate Events books (and anything by Lemony Snicket). The ladies at the library kind of look at me strangely because I’m always first in line for his new books… but I’m more than okay with that. 😀
            Haha, I’m pretty musically challenged too. I sing… but I learn by ear and can’t actually read music, so I write all of the lyrics and my friend writes the actual music. Our pirate musical was ridiculous though – it was for our program at school, which required a certain number of CAS hours, so we got our English teacher on board and had him help write it as part of the “creativity” portion.
            We’re basically the same person, haha. Marine and Wildlife Biology sounds really neat, I have a friend in my program who’s looking into that field. Thanks, I hope so too! 😀
            Planning for the future is actually the worst. It’s so stressful because biology opens up so many doors, and it’s so hard to just choose one path when they all sound so interesting! At the same time, it’s also really good that there are so many options for bio students, since it increases the chances of getting a job that we’re interested in. Zoo animal care would be so neat though, since you’d get to work with so many really interesting animals. I saw a video of a lady who got to work with baby pandas all day, so I’m crossing my fingers that there’s a job opening in that field at some point in the near future, haha.

          • That is really shameful, haha. Definitely try and get them to order it in or something. You and the children are missing out on an epic fantasy series right here. You should definitely be okay with that! At the end of last year, I went online and ordered all the books from my two favourite series as a kid and now my ebay history is all these kid horse books, haha.
            I wish I had a musically inclined friend! That would be awesome.
            I want to see this pirate musical, haha. I wrote half a book on pirates once 😛 I was a tad obsessed with them.
            I know, right! It’s crazy! Well, the courses are probably different where you are, but tell your friend that they are pretty awesome majors 🙂
            I hate planning for the future D: Yeah, you have i right, there. SO many opportunities to choose from is a good thing, but the choosing part is not so fun 😛
            I know, I think it would be so awesome! I always see people on TV or the internet with amazing animals jobs, and I pray that I can land a job like that. a few years ago, a theme park in my city had baby tigers, and this girl got to spend every day with them. BABY TIGERS! I cannot even begin to imagine how amazing her job was. I just would have been in heaven if that was me. Hopefully something amazing like that will popup for me someday 😀

          • I’ll see what I can do! Haha, I used to love reading those books! I have a whole section of my bookshelf dedicated to books that I liked when I was younger, and someday soon I’ll hopefully get around to rereading them – if my crazy long to-read list ever lets me, that is.
            So many of my friends can play instruments, and I’m so tempted to beg them for lessons since I really want to learn guitar and piano.
            Our pirate musical is… strange, to say the least. We’re secretly hoping that it will eventually become a huge Broadway show, if only so that we get to go to New York City. 😛 That’s awesome, there need to be more pirate books out there. I went through a pirate obsessed phase too; I blame Pirates of the Caribbean, haha.
            Yeah, the choosing part is way too difficult. I can be really indecisive, so sometimes I’m tempted to get someone else to choose for me, even though I know that would probably be frowned upon.
            Ooh, that’d be so much fun! Baby tigers are adorable! I have no idea how people manage to find these jobs, but I’m sure we’ll find something just as amazing (if not better). 😀

          • I was simply obsessed with horses, and since I didn’t own one, I had to make do with books about them, haha. Last year, I spent most of the Summer re-reading one of the series, and I really want to do the same thing again this Summer. We’ll see, I suppose 😀
            My friend actually gave me one of his guitars, intending to teach me, but it never really happened. I tried, but then other things got in the way 🙁 Learning the piano would be super amazing!
            Strange makes things good, though. At least I think so 🙂 That would be so amazing! I would have to jet over and watch it! I think I may have to place the blame on them, as well. I mean, surely pirates aren’t really as sexy as Depp 😛
            Making decisions is one of my downfalls, so I completely understand what you mean. I keep trying to make some sort of concrete decision, but then something else amazing pops up and I go: No, I want to do that! I wish we could choose more than one career path D:
            I KNOW! I was so super jealous of that lady, you have no idea! If I could find a better job than looking after baby tigers, I think I would be one very happy young lady, haha. I wouldn’t mind working with meerkats – they are so darn cute!

          • It sounds like a pretty good way to spend a summer! Even though I practically live in the country, I’ve never actually ridden a horse, but when I was younger I got to ride the ponies at my town’s fair (not sure if that counts, haha).
            Aw, I know how you feel. I always intend to try/learn so many things, but then life decides to be busy and get in the way. I need to get a time-turner; then I can do ALL the things, haha.
            If it’s ever performed, I’ll make sure to let you know – and give you front row tickets, of course. 😀 Right? I expect all pirates to be as flawless as him, and will be super disappointed if I meet one and he’s nothing like Captain Jack Sparrow, haha.
            Same here! I feel like I’m not going to end up making a decision until the last possible minute, since then I won’t be able to change my mind. It’d be so nice if there was a way to do research, lab work, play with baby animals and do vet stuff all in one career. I’m hoping that there is and I just haven’t come across it yet ’cause otherwise this is going to be the hardest decision ever.
            Meerkats are adorable! I’d be calling them all Timon and singing Lion King songs at them all day, haha. I’d be more than okay with working with polar bears or penguins too – I love watching them at the zoo!

          • It was pretty nice, and it brought back so many memories of reading them as a kiddlywink! That definitely counts! Haha. I used to beg my Mum to let me ride the ponies at the show. But I actually had horse riding lessons as a kid. I loved it, and the instructor said I was a natural, which made me very happy 😀 But I haven’t been on a horse in about 10 years, so I don’t know how ‘natural’ I wold be now D: But I will own a horse one day, to fulfill my childhood dream.
            Yes! I wish there was more time in the day/week/month/year! I have so many things I want to do. Like finish the book I am writing, for one -.- Maybe on my next uni break – which is six months away D:
            Yay! Front row tickets are always the best! No super tall man sitting in front of you, ever 😀 Definitely. If they’re not all sexy like Sparrow, there’s not point 😛
            That would be awesome, if you could just combine all the careers. It’s so hard to choose D: i don’t know if I want to work with wild animals, or domestic animals, or what!
            I know, me too! I would just hold one up, and to do The Lion King theme, haha. They’re just so cute >.<
            Ohmygosh, yes. There are penguins, and polar bears, and dolphins at my local theme park, and I just want to have them all. Haha.

          • That’s so cool! I’d love to take lessons! I’m not sure if horseback riding is like riding a bike in the sense that it’s easy to pick up again, but I’m sure that you’d have no problem with it.
            Ooh, what kind of book are you writing? Six months seems so far away, but it’ll pass in no time – it’s ridiculous how quickly time passes while at school.
            Tall people in theaters/anywhere where you need to see are actually the worst. I’m super short (5’2″ if I’m lucky) and always end up with tall people in front of me, even if the rest of the row is completely empty. I feel like they do it on purpose, haha.
            It’d be so nice to work with both wild and domesticated animals, since then you’d get both experiences. I’m sure that there’s a job out there that allows you to do both – even if it’s working at a vet clinic that also does wildlife rehabilitation or something. (I’m adding it to my list of things to look up before making a decision about the future, since I’m curious now, haha)
            I’m not sure if they’d make very good pets, but they look so cuddly and wonderful! I’m definitely going to be the crazy pet lady when I’m older. 😀

          • I think it might be like bike riding. Lord knows I haven’t ridden a bike in years D: I hope I could still ride a horse, though!
            I’m writing a YA fantasy/magic-ish book. I really hope the six months goes by fast – it’s my last six months of classes at uni! Wohoo! 😀
            Yes! I have no idea about what height I am – and I don’t care to know, because I am pretty short, haha. But it’s ALWAYS me who gets the tall dude, or the lady with the extremely pouffy hair sitting in front of me. Why? Why me?
            That would be awesome! I know of a vet clinic that just works with wildlife, but I haven’t heard of one that works with both. That would be pretty much my dream job, right there! If you find anything out, let me know 😀
            I think they’d be pretty skittish! But yes, very cute, and small! I love small animals. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be the crazy cat lady when I am older. I love them just too darn much!

          • Same with me. I’m tempted to get a bike again, so hopefully it’s as easy to pick up as they say! I’m sure you could. And if you needed to take extra lessons, well, that’s just more time you get to spend with the horses!
            Oh, neat! That sounds like it’d be fun to write! : ) Ahh, that’s so exciting! I’m a little bit jealous – I still have three more years worth of classes, haha.
            I’m sure that they seek out all of the short people just to inconvenience them. I usually end up tapping them on the shoulder and asking them if they could please move down one seat (when possible) so that I could see better. I hate having to do it, but it usually works out pretty well.
            If I do find one, you’ll be the first to know! 😀
            Yeah, though I’m sure they’d warm up to you eventually. Small animals are my favourites. I’ve been considering working as a large animal vet, but horses and other farm animals are so tall and I’m so tiny that I’m not sure it’d work out too well, haha. I used to be more of a dog person, but after working at the Humane Society, I love cats too. I’ve already decided that I’m getting a calico kitten when I get my own place ’cause they’re so pretty. 😀

          • I think the bike is one of those things. You will probably wobble and think you’re going to faceplant, but then you just ride. At least that’s what happened to me the last time I rode a bike, haha. Yes, more time with the horsies! you wouldnt see me complaining 😀
            It is really fun to write! I’ve already got 35,000 words, so I am rouhgly halfway. It’s really confusing how to weave the story, though, because it’s riddled with secrets. We’ll see how I go though!
            Three years D: I feel for you, haha.
            Whenever I see a show, they are always super booked, so I can’t ask them to move. I just end up pushed into a corner of the chair, trying to see over their head. I know it would be awkward to ask, but you’ve got to see the show!
            YAY 😀
            You could just use like a little step ladder. I’m sure there are short vets out there who would have to use them. I mean, there are some HUGE horses out there!
            I do want to own dogs, but I am most definitely a cat person. They just suit my nature, haha.
            Aw! Calico kittens are so cute 😀 I’m only ever going to buy pets from welfare centres, so that i can be saving a life. There are so many animals in those places, I wish I could save them all.

          • Knowing me, there will probably be one or two faceplants along the way, haha. I’m sure the horses wouldn’t mind spending extra time with you either! 🙂
            Oh, wow. That’s impressive! I can see how that would be a bit difficult, since you wouldn’t want to give anything away too soon. I love those kinds of stories – it’s so much fun trying to piece everything together before the big reveal. I’m sure it will turn out wonderfully! 😀
            And four years on top of that, if I get into vet school. I’m going to be in university foreverrrr.
            Aw, that sucks. And, of course, every time you move your head to see, they move theirs to the same spot. The theaters in my town are never very full unless it’s the opening night of a play, so I can usually awkwardly ask people to move. If I’m really desperate, I ask them to trade me places, but that doesn’t go over quite as well, haha.
            That’s true. My main fear with farm animals is that I’ll be working on them and one will kick me in the face or something. At least with little pets, you don’t have to worry about that as much. I think that’s my inexperience with huge animals speaking, though. 😛
            I completely approve of that idea! There are so many pets that need a good home, and you’d definitely give them all the love they need. I feel so bad for the animals in those places; it can’t be easy on them…

          • I am seriously one of the most clumsy people you will ever meet. I constantly trip over, and drop things, and spill stuff. It’s so embarrassing D:
            Well, I shall definitely send you a copy for review if I ever finish it! It’s really hard to weave in the story, so hopefully I’m doing it right, and can leave some people guessing!
            I know it seems like a long time, but imagine when you come out as a fully qualified vet, and you can save lives! You will not even care about the many years of learning, trust me 😀
            Yup, definitely. That happened to me when I went and saw Cat Stevens live. This lady with HUUUGE hair was right in front of me, and pretty much blocked the stage the entire time 🙁 I imagine people would get a bit snarky, haha. Ohmygosh, do you ever sit next to someone and they have a cold or something, and then spend the entire time snorting and sniffing and coughing? That has happened to me so many times, it’s actually ridiculous!
            Mm, I probably would be a bit afraid, but I think once you got used to them, you’d be fine. I think confidence would play a huge part in dealing with larger animals. Imagine working with elephants! O.o
            I know. I see their little faces, and my heart just breaks 🙁

          • Me too. I don’t know how I used to play sports, since I can be so uncoordinated. I somehow manage to trip over the air all the time, and I don’t even know how that’s possible. I’m just hoping that everyone else sees my klutziness as endearing, haha.
            Sounds good! It’s always hard to view it objectively, since you already know what’s going to happen, but I’m sure it’ll work out perfectly. 🙂
            Oh, the time will definitely fly by. Part of me just wants to get on being a vet already, but there’s a huge part of me that’s really excited to take all of the courses since I actually really love school. I hate tests, but I love learning.
            Aw, that’s unfortunate. It’d be so nice if people followed elementary school photo rules and decided to move to the front if they’re short or the back if they’re tall… it’d make everything so much easier! Yeaaah, there’s usually a lot of snark. I try to be extra sweet to make up for it, but sometimes that just makes it worse, haha.
            I have that happen to me all the time! I went to see Mamma Mia! in New York City with my school one December, and there was a lady sitting in the row behind us who spent the entire time blowing her nose and coughing. I felt kind of bad for her, since having a cold is the worst, but it was so distracting! And the lady beside her kept saying things like “oh, here’s my favourite part. it’s so different from the movie because this happens instead of that and they sing this song and…” It kind of ruined the magic a little bit. D:
            Working with elephants would be kind of intimidating ’cause they’re SO big, but it’d be so cool! I’d just want to pet their trunks and touch their floppy ears, haha.

          • I am pretty much the most unsporty person you will ever meet. I loved football when I was a kid, but I wasn’t particularly good at it. And if you ever have to see me run, I feel for you. Truly. Haha.
            I hope for the same thing! Unless my clumsiness results in something being spilled on them, or me breaking something of theirs. Then it won’t be so endearing! D:
            It is really hard to read it objectively, when I go over what I have written. I guess I’ll just have to get someone to read it thoroughly, and give me constuctive criticism. I am not looking forward to that, haha.
            Totally! We would always be near the front, then, hurrah!
            I know they must feel crappy cus they’re sick, but they’re ruining it D: I had a lady sitting next to me during Phantom one time, and she spent the entire time snorting. I was just so irritated!
            TALKING! Talking is like the devil in the theatre. You’re there to listen, not to talk D: D: I hate people who talk in the theatre -.-
            It would be awesome 😀 Aw, their ears are so cute! I had a dream once that I worked with baby giraffes. Can you imagine how fun that would be, ohmygosh!

          • As long as you have fun, skill doesn’t matter too much. Haha, me too – I can run on a treadmill no problem, but when people are watching me, my klutziness returns full force! Yeaaah, they might not enjoy that too much. My friend met his current girlfriend when she bumped into him at a bar and spilled his drink all over him, so you never know, haha.
            Asking people to critique your work can be tough. On one hand, it’s nice to receive advice on how to improve your work… but on the other hand, it’s like giving people a piece of your soul, so criticism (even constructive) can hurt a bit.
            It’d be excellent! If I can find a way to implement it, I’ll do so – for the sake of short people everywhere!
            Distractions during Phantom would be the worst! It would be such a good show! And the music! (It’s tied with Wicked at the top of my list of productions to see).
            Exactly! Those people (and everyone around them) have paid money to see and hear the show, and there’s plenty of time to talk after it’s finished. They frustrate me so much.
            Awww, that would be perfect! Especially if they were newborns and were awkwardly unsteady on their feet like baby horses. I’d just sit there and watch them with the biggest smile on my face!

          • Fun is good 😀 But I haven’t played a sport in about 1 million years 😛
            Ah, that’s so cute! i cannot imagine meeting someone that way, haha.
            YES. If they said something mean about it, I’d probably just snatch it form them, hide away, and cry. I mean, my writing is pretty much a part of me, and it comes straight from my heart. So in my eyes, when you dis my work, you are dissing me. If that makes sense!
            YAY 😀
            You should definitely try and see Phantom! It is my favourite musical, and the best; in my opinion. Wicked was good, but it just didn’t reach the emotional level of Phantom. For me, anyway.
            Yesssss. Please talk during intermission. That’s what I do, if I wanted to say something during the first half. I don’t want to ruin the mood for everyone by talking.
            I know, right! They would be all gangly, and awkward and just ADORABLE.

          • I was convinced to play a few intramural sports at school this past year and it was a lot of fun! Granted, I still can’t throw a football very well or skate without tripping and falling on my face… 😛
            They’re the cutest couple. I think it’s so neat how one small action can change your life in such a meaningful way.
            It completely makes sense! When you write, you pour your heart and soul into your work, making it essentially an extension of yourself. I hardly ever show anyone my writing for that reason – I can take positive comments easily, but negative ones hurt!
            I’ll hopefully get to see Phantom next time it’s in Toronto. It was the first real soundtrack that I listened to and it made me fall in love with musical theater, so it’s one that I definitely have to see! (It’s probably a good thing that productions don’t come to my town – I’d end up spending aaall my money on them, haha).
            Exactly! There’s an intermission for a reason, and at least then you can carry on a conversation without distracting everyone. I understand the compulsion to touch the person beside you and say “did you just see that?” or “whoa, wasn’t that amazing?” but there are much more appropriate times to do so than in the middle of the show.
            And if for some reason you had to bottle feed them, it would be the most precious thing ever.

          • Haha, practice makes perfect! I remember I took ice skating for about six months, and only skated into the actual rink like twice. The rest of the time, I held onto the railing for dear life!
            I know! I hope I meet someone in that kind of awesome way.
            The negative comments are the worst. I never really show anyone my writing, either. At least in person. But I shall have to get over that fear if I want to get published someday!
            Please do, it is so amazing. if it comes, you shall have to tell me what you think! It wasn’t the first musical that made me fall in love with theatre, as I have been going to the theatre since I was a kid, because my Mum is obsessed, haha. But its the one that is closest to my heart; that’s for sure. I can’t get through it without crying D: Have you seen the movie?
            Yes, we have a quite a few shows that come only one town away, so I do spend a lot of money on theatre! But I don’t mind; they’re great experiences that i will always remember 😀
            Yes, definitely! If I have an overwhelming urge to point something out, I will nudge the person next to me, and discreetly point o the stage. But I won’t ever talk D:
            I know! Pretty much any baby animal is the cutest thing ever >.<

          • I feel like it would take more practice than most things – especially with figure skates! I had never been skating before this year, but I was holding onto the sides (and other people) the entire time. Every time I saw a little kid skating flawlessly, I cried inside. 😛
            Me, too. It’d certainly be a great story to tell people – much better than just “oh, we went to school together.”
            Yeah, it’s kind of necessary to show people if you’d like to be published. Small steps, showing one person at a time, and soon you’ll be a pro at it!
            I’ll definitely let you know! I wish my mom was obsessed with going to the theatre – she enjoys it, but unless she’s asked, she won’t buy tickets. I did convince her to take me to American Idiot last year as an early birthday gift, though. I love the movie! I’ve only seen it a couple of times, but it’s one of my favourites.
            I just want to take home aaaall the baby animals. Or, at the very least, hug and pet them. I can’t think of any that aren’t completely adorable, and the fluffier the are, the better, haha.

          • I think skating is one of those things that would take quite a while to really be confident with. I know what you mean! The kids are obviously better balanced then we are, haha.
            Yes! I really want to have an interesting story to tell my kids one day 😛
            I hope so! I shall start with someone who I trust to be honest, but not mean, and then go from there.
            YAY 😀 Aw, no, that sucks 🙁 My Mum is always pushing me to check online for tickets to upcoming shows!
            I haven’t heard of that movie! What’s it about?
            I know, right. I love little things. They’re just so cute. And fluffy things are the best! But baby birds are so cute and ugly at the same time, though, haha.

          • Definitely. It doesn’t look that difficult, but it would take a lot of work. Haha, I think all little kids are better balanced than me.
            Me too! I love listening to stories about how people met, so I wouldn’t want to disappoint my kids with a boring story… though I feel like I’d end up telling them an extremely long story similar to How I Met Your Mother just to make things interesting, haha.
            Sounds like a good plan. 🙂
            That’d be so much fun! I might have to convince my mom to go to the theatre with me more often. It’s a musical based on Green Day’s music. It was really good, and I kind of want to audition for it if it comes to Toronto again – even if it’s only to say that I’ve finally auditioned for something other than community/school plays.
            I’m never sure how to feel about baby birds, haha. I love ducklings though. They’re so fluffy and tiny! Goslings too, but the mama geese are really intense during nesting season…

          • True. They always look so effortless, and carefree. When really, it is dangerous, and difficult!
            I haven’t heard any interesting stories about how people met, unfortunately. They either met in high school, or though a mutual friend. Boring, haha. Yes, a really long-winded story would be pretty amazing 😛
            Just drag her there, and she’ll eventually become a fan (Y)
            Ohhh, sounds cool. I might have to check it out. I know the feeling! Phantom is coming to a little theatre near me, and they’re having auditions. I am so tempted to audition, just so I can say I have been in Phantom. But the sessions are one during my exam period, so I can’t 🙁
            What kind of plays and musical have you been in?
            I just love how naked they are, they look like little aliens or something! I love ugly baby animals, because they’re cute in such a creepy way.
            Baby chickens are cute, too! And they make the most adorable sound, ohmygosh.

          • And the little, little ones who are pushing around the chairs for balance are so adorable and so excited to be there!
            Right? I don’t know if all the reading I do has made me expect real life to be as much fun/adventure-filled as my favourite books or what, but I always expect to hear something more interesting.
            I like that idea! 😀
            Aw, that’s disappointing! I would say to ask them to reschedule your exam (it’s Phantom, they’ve got to be understanding), but I’m not sure how well that’d go over.
            I’ve been in a bunch of church plays, my school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a community theatre production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. They were so much fun! I’m hoping to be in one of the university plays at some point or the a capella group, but I’m not sure yet how they’ll fit into my schedule…
            Haha, they’re so funny looking but in such an endearing way. I’m not sure if it’s because their ugliness makes them look more vulnerable or what, but somehow they’re kind of cute.
            I haven’t actually seen a baby chicken. I’m going to have to fix that at some point, now I’m curious about them. The only baby farm animals I ever see are cows, horses, pigs, and sheep. The lambs are my favourites, I just want to bring them all home with me.

          • I have never seen kids pushing chairs! It would be a sight, haha 😛
            Oh, the reading, and the movie watching are the main culprits of my high expectations. I have fallen in love with so many fictional characters, that my expectations of an epic romance are – well – epic, I guess! Hopefully we can both meet people in an awesome way 😀
            I really don’t think they’d do it 🙁 Which is why I’m not auditioning. I’m trying not to think about how sad that is.
            They would have been so fun! I was in FAME a few years ago, and then I was in these weird play things that the teachers made up. And then I was in skits for drama class, but I don’t think they count! My uni doesn’t even do plays or whatever -.-
            I really don’t know what it is about these ugly baby animals that makes them so endearing! I just want to cuddle them 😛
            YOU HAVE TO, ERIN! They are so cute, and they make this little ‘cheep’ sound, and it is the cutest ever.
            I’ve seen baby pigs, lambs, and cows, but not horsies D: Farm animals are the best <3

          • It’s so cute! They use them for balance, but sometimes they just sit on the chair and ask their parents to push them around the ice, haha.
            My book boyfriends have set fairly unrealistic expectations for me, but I’m determined to find someone who meets them. I also expect love triangles to happen all the time now too, so I might be a bit disappointed if I don’t end up in the middle of one. 😛
            Ooh, being in FAME would be a lot of fun! Drama class skits were some of my favourites, especially the improv ones. Aw, you should start an improv club there or something! One just started at my uni this past year, and it was a lot of fun.
            Next spring, when all of the baby animals are frolicking around the fields, I’ll go visit farms in search of baby chickens. 😀
            Baby horses are sooo cute! They have their gangly legs and awkward run and it’s so precious! Farm animals are some of my favourites. I love that they’re so used to being around people so you can just go up and cuddle them in most cases. I might just have to move to a farm someday.

          • That sounds like fun – sitting in a chair having someone push you around on the ice. I might have to try that out sometime, haha.
            Oh, yes. I have this image of my future husband, and it’s pretty unrealistic, haha. I just hope he has some of the characteristics of my favourite book boyfriends. Like black hair and blue eyes, for instance *swoon*
            But love triangles are so cruel to the person that doesn’t get chosen! D: I was semi in a love triangle once (if you can have a semi-love triangle, haha), and it wasn’t the greatest feeling. 🙁
            It was a lot of fun 😀 I wish I could have been a lead, though. They had some awesome songs. I love improv! Its so much fun just making up lines on the spot, haha. I don’t think the people at my uni would be too keen. I am not even sure we have a drama degree D:
            Okay, and you’ll have to let me know how cute you think they are! Because they are really, really cute 😀
            Horsies (I have to call them horsies, haha) are the most amazing animals. it’s been my dream to own one since i was about five. One day, it will come true. IT WILL. 😛
            I have always wanted to live on a farm, and have an arra of farm animals 😀

          • haha, you’ll have to let me know how that goes! if it’s a good time, I might just have to try it too.
            Ooh, yes! Dark haired boys are my favourites, especially when they have blue or green eyes. I partially blame Will Herondale for that – and for being one of the many reasons why I expect my boys to be witty and charming, haha.
            That’s true. I guess there’s no way for me to be in a love triangle but have it end up with a boyfriend on one hand and a close friend on the other, is there?
            It’s always so neat seeing what people come up with, and how crazy and weird some of the scenes can be. Some of the ones I’ve seen have made me want to turn them into stories, haha. Aw, that’s disappointing.
            Will do! 😀 Haha, horsies sounds so much better than horses – makes them sound even more cute. That would be so neat! And you’d learn how to flawlessly ride them, which is such a cool skill.
            Me too! I’d love to have ALL the farm animals, as well as a few cats and dogs. And maybe a bunny. 😛

          • I shall definitely let you know 😀 I think it would be super fun, to be honest, haha.
            I haven’t ‘met’ Will yet, but there many a book boyfriend who has ingrained that image in my head. e.g Damon from The Vampire Diaries. Wholy moly.
            I know, right. In fiction, love triangles are so romantic. But in real life, you just either end up being hurt, or hurting someone. And that always sucks 🙁
            I always watch skits and want to elaborate on them, so I know what you mean! Especially the odd ones. I remember I had to be a plane once. it was really quite weird 😛
            I know, right! Horsies is such a cute word. YES. Aw, man. I want a horsie right now.
            Yes! Bunnies are the cutest little things, and I cannot even own one in my state. -.- When I was a kid, I used to dream that I’d one day own a farm, and have pens for horsies, cows, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, pigs … pretty much every farm animal under the sun. Now I realise that’s probably impossible, haha. I love how kids’ dreams are so wildly imaginative. (Y)

          • It looks like it’d be a lot of fun! Kind of like tobogganing but without a hill.
            I love Will. I haven’t actually read/watched The Vampire Diaries, but I love Ian Somerhalder so I completely understand. He’ll always be Boone to me though, haha.
            Some of them are so creative! Haha, I’ve had to be a tree before, but never a plane. That’d be so neat.
            Aw, really?! We have a bunch of bunnies that live under our tree, so we always have baby bunnies hopping around in the spring. They’re so cute, but they’re so timid. Me too! We used to have a little toy farmhouse when I was really young, and it had pens for all of those animals, so I decided that one day I would too. That’s one of the reasons I never want to grow up – kids have the best imaginations, and their sense of wonder and innocence is hilarious and endearing.

          • I have never been tobogganing! But then again, it doesn’t snow here, so, there’s a plausible reason why, haha. It definitely looks like heaps of fun, though!
            Oh, yes. Boone. LOST is my favourite TV show, ever. So I know what you mean. Ian is sah perdy, it’s actually kinda ridiculous. No one person should be allowed o look like that!
            It was really weird, though, because there were about four of us being the one plane, and the guy who was the ‘nose kept on going in the wrong direction -.-
            ERMAGERD BABY BUNNEHS. I want to see that so badly. They would be so small and adorable!
            Yeah, I always dreaded growing up. It sucked. There’s still a a part of me that will always be a kid, though. I still like kiddie things. They’re fun 😀
            Yes! I love watching kids make up all their stuff, and play with things that don’t even look like they could be played with (I saw a kid playing with a toy car on a ledge at a shopping centre – I mean how do they even think of these things?).

          • We get a lot of snow here. A lot of the time I wish it wouldn’t snow since it’s always sooo cold outside. We had a snow day at university in February, so we ended up taking cafeteria trays and going tobogganing. The caf ladies probably didn’t appreciate it too much… haha.
            I’m torn between LOST and Sherlock as my favourite shows ever, but I love them both so much. Right? He has the nicest face, it’s kind of unfair.
            That would be a bit of a problem. Though I’m sure it would have made for a more interesting scene, haha.
            They’re so cute and cuddly! When they twitch their little noses, it’s the cutest thing ever.
            I was never really afraid of growing up until this year when it finally hit me that on my next birthday I would no longer be a teenager. Kiddie things are kind of the greatest. Especially Lego. I use any excuses I can to play with it while babysitting. And little kid movies are excellent! 😀
            That’s so cute. I guess ledges make pretty nice roads – there probably isn’t much traffic on them, either. I’d love to be able to take a peek inside a little kid’s thoughts for a day, since it’d be neat to see how they come up with all of their different games and everything.

          • I wish it would snow, just once, so I know what it’s like. But it would be freezing, and I’m not exactly used to cold weather. It doesn’t get very cold around here, haha. That sounds like so much fun! We don’t even have trays at our cafeteria -.- SO even if it did snow, we couldn’t do that D:
            Ah, I love Sherlock, too. It’s definitely one of my firm favourites. But LOST just wins out every time.
            It was, haha. We had to fly through a sheet that was supposed to be a cloud, and he kept forgetting that. At the end, I was just screaming ‘FLY THROUGH THE CLOUDS’, 😛
            Bunnies are definitely one of the cutest little creatures out there. Their floppy little ears! Gah!
            yeah, I just turned 20 in May, which is why I am all: NO, I DON’T WANNA GROW UP, haha. It feels really weird not saying ‘teen on the end of my age. But people still think I am about 17, because I look so young, haha.
            Kiddie movies are the best! And Lego was epic, haha.
            I thought it was adorable 🙂 It would be amazing to do that! I don’t really remember my thought processes as a kid, so I’d like to see what they think of things. It would be really interesting!

          • If it lasted for a week or so before disappearing, I think you’d like it. After a week though, it’s no longer fun and is just cold and wet.
            They’re both shows that you can watch over and over and still love them, which is always good. I feel like I need to rewatch LOST in the near future, since every time I do I pick up on something that I had missed the first time I watched it. I miss that show so much..
            that’s awesome! You should’ve just been the pilot from the get go, then maybe your plane would have gone where it was supposed to, haha.
            I love their ears. I just want to play with them and flop them around.
            I feel like I’ll just keep thinking of myself as a teenager until people stop checking my ID – then I’ll truly be grown up and it’ll be a sad, sad day. Haha, looking young can be a good thing. Whenever I complain about how I look like I’m 14, my friend tells me that “there’s a fine line between looking cute and looking young, so take it as a compliment.” 😛
            Agreed! I remember a lot of the games I played as a kid, but I don’t remember how I came up with any of them. I’d probably end up using the kid’s thought processes in a story, since their ideas are so much more creative than mine.

          • Yeah, I don’t think I would be a fan of the wet. And the super cold. But I do want to see snow one day!
            I love shows that let you discover things every time you watch it; its awesome. And super smart of the writers! Writing an intricate lot is pretty hard, so kudos to them.
            I know, right! Being a stupid wing didn’t help anybody 😛
            Me, too. I just want to cuddle them and play with them, haha.
            That will be a horrific day; the day you stop being carded. it’s like: how old do I look D: NOOOO. Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet (Y)
            Yeah, people always say: but you’ll look 40 when you’re 50! Don’t complain! 😛
            I used to play with soft toy animals a lot. It was pretty fun, but I don’t know where the plots came from! I love reading stories that kids make up! They’re so wacky, and entertaining, haha.

          • You definitely have to see it someday – the trees look so pretty when they’re covered in ice and the sun is shining on them.
            I’m always so impressed by the writers. I’d love to see what their notes looked like – it’d be so difficult to keep track of the tiny yet important plot details.
            Haha, well, I’m sure that if you had any passengers, they’d disagree – I tend to prefer planes with two wings. 😛
            I constantly live in fear of that day. It’s embarrassing being carded the minute I walk into a bar/casino (they go through this really long process of making sure that I don’t have a fake ID and then apologize for it after they realize that I am, in fact, 19… my friends think it’s hilarious, haha) but when they stop, I think I’ll be a bit offended.
            I had so many stuffies that went on ridiculous adventures and had the strangest names. I love when little kids draw pictures to go with their stories! They’re always so neat and colourful, and definitely worthy of being hung on the fridge, haha.

          • Aw, man! You’re making me more and more jealous about your snow, haha.
            Yes, I would love to get a manuscript or something, and try and figure out how their awesome brains work! Especially if it was a manuscript of LOST. That would be beyond awesome.
            Hahaha, I know wings are important. But it was so dumb -.- 😛
            I will be so offended when they stop! I am always carded, too. And when I don’t, I will be like: NOO, I’M OOOLLLLDDD. Haha.
            Stuffed animals were pretty much my gods. My whole room was filled with them.
            Their pictures are so cute! I love it when they are just scribbles, but actually mean something way more to the kid who drew them. So cute.

          • Reading a LOST manuscript would be so amazing! I would love if the writers held a seminar or something and talked about their thought processes while creating the show because their minds clearly work in incredible ways and I’d love to learn from them.
            Mine was too. I still have a lot of my stuffed animals, but it’s nowhere near as many as I used to have. Apparently tucking me into bed was a chore because I had so many stuffed animals that I insisted on sleeping with, haha.
            And listening to the kid explain what the picture is is so much fun – it’s like pictionary, almost. I also love looking at their colouring books, since it’s so cute to see how much effort they put into colouring inside the lines.

          • I wonder if anyone from LOST ever attended a Comic Con ….. I don’t know if I want tot know that. It will just make me sad all over again that I have never been to the SDCC. I was looking at the photos from this year, and I was so depressed, haha.
            I am pretty sure I refused to chuck any of them out, and they are all in bags around my house, haha. I just feel mean if I chuck them out. I sort of project emotions onto inanimate objects a lot of the time 😛
            Aw, man. I loved colouring books like life itself when I was a kid. I was one of those kids who never went out of the lines. Haha 😛

          • I think there were LOST panels at Comic-Con, but I never got to go, which was immensely disappointing. I really wanted to go this year – all of the pictures made it look like so much fun! And the fact that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer was shown there makes me super jealous of everyone that went, haha.
            I have a bunch that are sitting on a chair in my room and a bag full of them in the basement, but the ones that I wasn’t as attached to were sold at a yard sale or something. I do the same thing. I have a shoebox filled with ticket stubs, stones, and other seemingly random objects, but they’re all related to some of my happiest memories so I just had to keep them. Of course, that also means that inanimate objects make me cry sometimes, but I’ve learned to accept that. 😛
            I used to have a whole row in my bookshelf just filled with colouring and paint by number books. Me too – I would spend so much time making my picture perfect and if I went out of the lines even a bit, I would have to colour the entire background to hide it. 😛

          • NOOOO. Why is life so unfair D: This year looked like one of the best. I just want to make it to one before Supernatural ends, and the boys stop going 🙁
            Aw, no! I have so many bags it’s hard to count, haha.
            I have been attached to rocks, as well! But then I eventually forgot why they were important, and ended up chucking them. I love having physical things that remind me of awesome times. Inanimate objects make me feel all kinds of things. So I get you. (Y)
            Yes! We were obviously colour-inner perfectionists. I once said that in passing at high school once, and one of my teachers replied with: of course you were, Chiara.
            I do not even know what that was supposed to mean, haha. But I took it as a compliment 😛

          • I would love to see the Supernatural panel! The boys are so much fun, though I feel like I’d be too busy starting at Misha to ask questions or anything. 😛
            Especially when the objects are something that you wouldn’t normally see; it just makes everything seem so much more special. 😀
            I’d definitely take it as a compliment. All of my teachers in high school knew about my perfectionist tendencies, and my English teacher teased me about it all the time, haha.

          • YES! Ohmygosh, Misha. I am in love with Cas, seriously. SWOON. I just tried to buy a shirt with him on it, but I don’t know if I’ll get it because they just send you a random tee D:
            It definitely does! Like a weirdly shaped piece of driftwood – that’s one of mine, haha.
            Being a perfectionist is just how we were born! Haha.

          • Cas is my favourite. I love Dean and Sam and all… but Cas is just so darn pretty. Aw, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get the one you wanted!
            Haha, I like it! I have a lot of shells, but no driftwood.
            Yup! I always use it my “worst quality” when I have job/volunteer interviews, haha.

          • He’s just so precious. I can’t wait to see his reactions in the upcoming season, I’ve heard that they’re going to be quite cute. 😀
            I’d be more than okay with that. It actually works pretty well, aside from the initial strange look you receive, haha.

          • All of his reactions make me want to cuddle the hell out of him. Especially when he says “I don’t understand that reference”. SUCH A BABY <3
            Yay! I am so definitely going to use it, haha. I never know what to say when they ask my worst habit of whatever. I mean, aren't I supposed to be perfect for you to give me the job? I don't want to have a worst habit D:

          • YES. I just want to hold his hand and walk around with him pointing out things and explaining what they are, like you’d do with a little kid.
            Sounds good! I never know how to answer any of their questions, but that one is my least favourite to answer. I’m always afraid that I’ll choose a habit that is a deal breaker for them and will lead to me not getting the job… so I figured that taking a positive trait and giving it a slight negative spin is a pretty decent way to go.

          • I just want to take him home, and keep him, haha. That sounds weird, but I say it about people all the time 😛
            Exactly! What if they specifically don’t want the bad habit I just declared D: I think it’s stupid when we have to say our worst habit -.-

          • Haha, I say things like that all the time! I say to people, “I just want to shrink you, put you in my pocket, and carry you everywhere because you’re so darn cute.” I’m surprised no one has tried getting a restraining order yet… I mean, if the right person said that to me, I’d be flattered. 😛
            Agreed! It’d be so much nicer if they just asked about things that applied to the job itself, instead of “what do you think your best/worst traits are?” It’s hard to know what amount of confidence to project before it comes across as arrogance… and you don’t want to seem like you’re too shy, either.
            I’ve only ever had one job interview, but I remember that I had to complete a written test as part of it! I just had to sort books by author’s name and Dewey system and then explain how to use the online search catalog to find a given book, but still, interviews are scary enough without being explicitly told that you’re getting graded on them. D:

          • Ohmygosh. Seriously, we are twins, Erin. I can’t even. I always say: I want a keychain version of ‘x’. How cute would it be to have a collection of adorable people as keychains! A Cas keychain <3
            I would be TOTALLY flattered if the right person said that to me. I'd be all: awww, I can be a keychain for once 😀
            Exactlyyyy. I just don't really like job interviews.
            What the heck! That is so weird. I think I would have been super nervous D: I've had group job interviews, and those are really weird, because you wonder how the interviewer can tell who would be good at the job. But I got it, so I must have looked competent, haha. I was in such a shitty (sorry about the language) mood in my second round interviews, I was certain that I wouldn't get it .. and then they called and said I got it! Weird …. 😛

          • I love how we’re basically the same person. (Also, fun fact: my parents make fun of me for saying “I can’t even” all the time, to the point where they say it in a really exaggerated voice and roll their eyes and laugh whenever I’m around, haha). That would be so cute! You could carry them everywhere and hear their opinions on things, and they’d never be lonely because you’d have other keychain people for them to hang out with. A Cas anything would be absolutely precious.
            Right? It’d be so nice to have someone wanting me around all the time, even if that means that I have to travel in their pocket or something. 😛
            There’s just something terrifying about shaking someone’s hand and sitting in a room where people are writing notes on your every word. I go through so much hand lotion in the weeks leading up to interviews because I’m afraid that my hands will be rough and I’ll be judged for it, haha. I’m not sure how I’d feel about group interviews… on one hand, you’re not there by yourself, but on the other, they don’t really get a chance to know you as well. Haha, maybe your bad mood made you memorable? 😛

          • We so are. It’s ridiculous. I would actually love to meet you one day (if that doesn’t sound creepy), because our conversations would be amazing. Your parents sound awesome, haha.
            Exactly! Imagine going shopping, and having an entire entourage of keychain people. It would be so cute. And yes, a Cas anything would be a plus in life.
            I would just be like: aw, shucks, you want a mini me. Tehe.
            I hate being judges, and job interviews are all about the judging. It’s scary, and I never feel good enough D: My hands will never be soft. I blame my childhood obsession with monkey bars. Sigh.
            See, that’s why group interviews freak me out. How can they tell me apart from the other 30 people in the room?
            To be honest, I think you’re right, haha. It was for a job at a theme park, and all the other people were acting really really happy and chipper (I guess they thought it would help to be happy about a job in a theme park), but they felt really fake. So maybe they liked my serious attitude? 😛

          • It’s not creepy at all – I’ve love to meet you! I feel like we’d have so many fun adventures. 😀
            Ohmygosh, yes. And then you’d never have to worry about going to a movie by yourself because you’d always have company!
            I’d smile and blush (which always makes me even more embarrassed because I’m so pale that my blushes are like fire engine red, haha) and then be like “yaaay! you do know that this means we’re best friends now, right?” 😛
            I used to love the monkey bars! Climbing on top of them and doing apple turnovers was my favourite thing when I was younger. I think the only reason my hands are soft is because my mom sends me SO much hand lotion in the winter so I feel like I need to use it all, haha. Otherwise, thanks to years of archery lessons, they definitely wouldn’t be.
            And then it’s not just the person interviewing you that you have to worry about; it’s the 30 other people as well.
            Ooh, working at a theme park would be neat! I’ve always wanted to work as a princess/Ariel at Disneyworld or as an elf at a shopping mall. I just really like dressing in costume, haha. Ugh, I had to work with a girl who was acting that way when she was first hired and it got on everyone’s nerves because it was too over the top to be genuine. I think so. They probably thought that you’d take the job seriously and not expect it to be fun and games all the time. And the fact that it was natural definitely helps. 😛

          • Aw, yay! 😀 I think we would have awesome fun times 😀
            You would pretty much never be alone, ever. At parties, you could talk to them, instead of the animals! I always talk to the animals at parties, haha.
            I blush all the time, at things I don’t even want to blush about. And it’s horrible. y face goes so red -.- But yes. They would be forced into the role of best friend immediately, haha.
            The monkey bars constituted my existence when I was a kid. I could never be pried away from them. I was obsessed. 😛 I can’t use hand lotion! it just feels so weird on my hands D: And then they’re all soft, and not what I am used to, haha.
            I desperately want to work at Disneyland as a princess. I want to be Belle, but with my blonde hair, I’d probably have to settle for Aurora. I actually applied for one of those elf jobs last year! It looks so fun with the cute little hats and everything 😀
            I did take the job seriously, haha. And they even wanted to keep me on, but I had to go back to uni. It wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be, as a lot of people got angry over the silliest things. -.-

          • It would actually be the greatest! 😀
            YES! The animals need to be kept company too, after all. If the cat/dog likes me enough (and is small enough) I carry it around at parties until it gets tired of me, haha.
            Me too. I don’t even know why I blush half the time, but I can feel my face heating up and know that it’s nice and red.
            Ooh, being Aurora would be nice! I have super short hair, so I could only really be Rapunzel post-Tangled unless I was given a wig. 😛 Right? And the little bells on their shoes! I would just love to see the little kids’ faces when they’re in line to see Santa and talk to them about Christmas, it’d be so cute! 😀
            Aw, people can be awful when they don’t get their way. Especially when it’s something that’s completely out of everyone’s control…

          • Aw, that is so cute! I usually just sit with them, and talk to them. They never look particularly happy, but at least I don’t look like I am completely alone, haha 😛
            UGH I KNOW. I hate my blushing. It’s so stupid, and I feel so ridiculous when it happens over nothing. -.-
            Being Rapunzel would be AWESOME. I could totally be the long haired one 😀
            Yes, I love kids tat get all excited about Santa, it is the cutest thing, ever.
            Exactly. It wasn’t my fault their kid was too short 🙁

          • They probably appreciate the company, especially when there are all these loud strangers in their house who are ignoring them.
            Is there way to train yourself not to blush? ‘Cause I really need that.
            That would be so lovely! Then you could walk around with Pascal on your shoulder, which would be so nice! I love that little guy.
            One year, my dad made “hoof prints” on the roof so that my little cousins could see that Santa had been there. It was so cute! When they get too old to believe in Santa, it’s really quite sad.
            That sucks. I understand why the kid would be upset (I was too short for rides all the time when I was younger, and they still check my height when I go into certain theme parks, haha) but the parents should be the ones finding other rides for their child. The rules are there for a reason, after all.

          • Yeah, that’s what I tell myself when they’re giving me glares for petting them, haha 😛
            I really need it, too. I hate being so blushy. It’s embarrassing, which makes you blush even more D:
            Aw, now I want to be Rapunzel even more! Pascal is the cutest little sidekick!
            Ohmygosh. That would have been so cute! Does it snow at Christmastime? I think it’s rally sad when kids stop believing in all the magical things.
            Yeah, I said that it was for safety, and she just made up all this crap. i wasn’t bullied though, I wouldn’t let that kid on the ride – booyeah! I mean, what if he fell to his death? Would she blame me, or herself? Of course she would blame me, so I would rather not have that on my shoulders, thank you.
            Haha, being short is awesome (Y)

          • Haha, I’m sure they secretly like it. They just don’t want to act like it because then they’ll seem needy. 😛
            Ugh, yes. And then when people point it out, your face goes even more red… and you never live it down. D:
            Pascal is the greatest! The faces he makes are hilarious, and I feel like he’d make the best partner in crime.
            It was such a nice touch. There have been a couple of years when we didn’t have snow the week before Christmas and I was getting worried, but generally it starts to snow in the middle of November and doesn’t stop until at least the middle of March. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas without snow, but it’d be kind of neat to see. I’ll be so heartbroken when my future kids stop believing in Santa. I’ll be in my 80s and still talking to them as if Santa were real, haha.
            Good on your for not letting her push you around! I can’t imagine how she’d react if something did happen…. Some people just need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. There was a guy behind me in line today when I was grocery shopping and I had a full cart, so the cashier said, “sir, unless you’re waiting for a lottery ticket, another cashier can help you.” He threw his items on the ground and stormed out muttering something about poor customer service and rude cashiers and long lines. It was ridiculous! D:
            Agreed! Sure, we can’t reach certain things without a step stool… but our height makes us super adorable and we can wear shirts as dresses, haha. 😀

          • But needy animals are adorable, because they always want cuddles! 😀
            Yesssss. People are always pointing it out. As if I couldn’t tell my face was on fire -.-
            I cannot believe you have a white Christmas. I hate you! Joking, joking. Our Christmases are usually hot, and sticky, and you need the air con on otherwise you just melt. I definitely want o have snow on Christmas one day – and then it will actually feel like a real Christmas 😀
            I will forever talk to my kids like Santa is real – and they will play along. Or else no presents! Haha. I am so evil.
            I think some people put effort into things that they really shouldn’t. I mean, waiting in line for groceries is not something to get so angry about. Same with road rage. being an extra minute late isn’t going to make your life any worse than it already is. I don’t really understand people sometimes…
            I hate not being able to reach things -.- But I love baggy shirts as dresses, haha. And we’re totally nearly keychain size, which makes us the cutest people around 😛

          • I love that they’re so responsive to cuddles and will just sit on your lap forever. 😀 But then when you finally have to stop cuddling them and leave, they look so sad… it makes me want to take them home with me, even though I feel like the actual owner won’t appreciate that too much, haha.
            It’s too bad that everyone else can’t experience this blushing for one day. Then maybe they wouldn’t be as likely to point it out.
            Having a hot Christmas sounds like it’d be so neat. I’d go swimming on Christmas day just to say that I could, haha. You definitely need to experience a white Christmas at some point – everything looks so pretty and it’s like a scene straight out of one of the Christmas songs. 😀
            I like that plan! If they don’t want a lump of coal in their stockings, they’d better keep believing. I’ll also make them watch Elf and see that their lack of belief is causing so many problems for Santa because guilt trips are usually pretty effective, haha.
            Agreed! Road rage is just so ridiculous because you’re getting angry over something that you can’t control, and all of the effort spent being angry could be channeled into something much more productive. We live in a society that is obsessed with instant gratification, and it sucks that heightened impatience seems to be a direct result of that.
            I’m always so embarrassed when I can’t reach something and have to ask someone else to get it for me. I have so many shirts that I wear as dresses, and so many skirts that I can also wear as dresses, haha. YES. And we’re the perfect people to cuddle with, since we’re nearly teddy bear size too. 😛

          • The worst feeling is shoving a cute animal off your lap. It breaks my heart every time 🙁
            Yesss. if only they knew how horrible it actually is t have severe blushing problems, then they might not be so mean as to point it out.
            I used to go swimming on Christmas, but now I just huddle up with my presents, and watch movies, haha. It’s pretty awesome. The song ”I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas is like my soul’s song when it is Christmastime. I want snow, damn it! Haha 😛
            Coal would be the perfect rap for them to continue to believe. I will also be doing this. And I will also be forcing Christmas movies down their throats every year. I love Christmas movies 😀
            Yes. Road rage is just one of those things that I DO NOT understand. Everyone does expect everything to come to them instantly, and perfectly. It’s kind of horrible.
            We are just seriously enlarged human shaped teddy bears! Cuddly as heck 😀

          • I always feel so bad doing it! And when they follow you to the door, it’s equal parts adorable and heartbreaking.
            haha, that sounds like fun! Do you watch Christmas movies or new movies? I’m so used to people going on vacation to escape the snow, so it’s so nice to hear the opposite! When you have your snowy Christmas, you’ll have to go caroling and build a snowman!
            It’s the perfect threat, really. YES! It’s not Christmas without the weeks of lovely movies leading up to it! Rudolph (the claymation one), The Grinch (the animated one), Elf, and A Christmas Story are some of my favourite Christmas movies. I also start playing Christmas music in early November, just because I love it so much. I’m so excited for Christmas now — there’s just over four months left! 😀
            Agreed! Patience is a virtue that few people seem to possess, and far too many people feel entitled to everything. It’s really quite sad.
            YES. If that’s not another reason why we’re adorable, I don’t know what is. 😀

          • I know! I hate being mean (even though it’s not all THAT mean, but it feels super mean). Like when I have to lock my cat out of my bedroom, and he cries for like an hour D:
            I love the old and the new Christmas movies, but more so the tacky cheesy ones from the 90s. They will forever hold a special place in my heart <3
            I want desperately to build a snowman. We don't even go carolling here – it's very depressing.
            I LOVE THAT RUDOLPH MOVIE! Haha. I always watch Santa Clause (aw man, so much love). It is NOT Christmas if I haven't watched Santa Clause. But I just watch a bunch of them in the lead up – it gets me into the Christmas mood 😀
            I start playing the music early, too. I mean, there's only a small window of opportunity to listen to the stuff, and I am going to make the most of it!
            Only four months – that's crazy! I'm excited now, too 😀
            It is really sad. And people do think that they are entitled to things. The truth is, we aren't entitled to anything. This planet isn't ours, and we should definitely stop treating it that way.
            Exactly! ^.^

          • I always feel so guilty afterwards, so I completely understand! Aw when I had to do that to my aunt’s puppies they did the same thing. It’s so heartbreaking listening to them cry, even if you know that you did it for a good reason.
            YES, the 90s Christmas movies are the best movies! They were just such a big part of childhood Christmases that you can’t help but love them. You definitely have to go caroling sometime! I used to visit the nursing homes with my church choir at Christmastime to sing the carols and it was so much fun! I’m so glad you love it too! I love the Land of Misfit Toys. <3 I LOVE Santa Clause, but I haven't seen it in ages. I'll make sure to watch it this year for sure, though! 🙂
            Exactly! As much fun as it would be to listen to Christmas music in July, I'm not sure other people would appreciate it… 😛
            Exactly four months as of yesterday! I love the Christmas countdown! 😀
            Agreed! This planet may be our home, but we're guests on it – it's going to be around long after we're gone and it's been here long before we were.

          • I know. It doesn’t make it any easier. But they vomit, and pee and do all kinds of nasty things, so the locking out is entirely necessary haha 😛
            Yes, those movies are awesome. Most movie from the 90s are awesome. So dorky and loveable!
            Aw, that’s so cute! People never do sweet things like that over here. Now we sound horrible – we’re not – promise! Haha 😛
            I haven’t seen that one! You have to watch it this year – it’s so perfect 😀
            I know right. Sigh. I don’t stop paying Christmas music until late January. I milk as much Christmas stuff while I can!
            Wow, that is coming up so fast :O
            Yes, exactly. I mean, we need to stop thinking of only ourselves – it’s not fair on the millions upon millions of other species, or the ecosystems. It’s just depressing how narrow-minded people are 🙁

          • yeah, I’d tend to want to keep all of that stuff out of my room. although I’d also want to keep a puppy in my room at all times to cuddle with… such a dilemma. 😛
            haha, from what I’ve seen, you all are pretty lovely people. : )
            I’ll definitely watch it this year! I’ll make my housemates watch it with me and everything, since it’s so much more fun watching movies with a group of people.
            I usually stop playing Christmas music around the end of December, mostly because my family seems to think that Christmas music should only be played from December 1-25. I’d love to keep playing it until January!
            Yes! Most people just have the mindset that, because we’re the dominant species, the planet has to cater to our whims. It’s really sad. D:

          • I let the kitties in sometimes for early morning cuddles, because they’re tired then – and not doing the naughty things, haha.
            Yay for loveliness 😀
            Awesome! And when they ask why they’re watching a kiddy Christmas movie, you can tell them that its a right of passage to get excited about Christmas. Haha 😛
            WHAT – NO! My family and friends have accepted the fact that my Christmas runs well into January. I am now more appreciative of them, even if they do groan and roll their eyes at me 😛 I feel for you, Erin. Your Christmas music is taken from you far too quickly!
            Yup, you have it there. And yet, without all our technology etc etc, we wouldn’t even be able to survive -.-

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