Mid-Year Check-In

Since it’s just over halfway through 2021 already (how?!), I thought I’d check-in and see how I’m doing in terms of reading challenges and bookish resolutions for the year. It’s a good way to keep myself accountable and make any necessary adjustments to hit these priorities!


Read 50 books. I’m already at 44, so I’m getting there! Goodreads says I’m 16 books ahead of schedule, which is surprising since I feel like I haven’t spent that much time reading.

Read 15 backlist titles. I’m at 23 backlist titles so far, but 7 of them are re-reads so I’m not sure if that really counts?

Read more library books. I feel like I’m at the Toronto Public Library once a week to pick up holds, so I’d say I’m doing pretty well with this one. Reading them before they are due back, though, is a bit of a struggle – they all seem to come in at once!

Prioritize indies for book purchases. Ontario lockdowns kind of made this one difficult, but now that in-store shopping is offered again, it’s more doable. I went to Type Books last weekend to place some preorders and pick up a puzzle, and I’m planning to hit up some used bookstores this weekend.

DNF more often. I haven’t DNF’d anything yet this year. There were a few books that I didn’t love, but I still finished them anyways in the hopes that they would get better. (They did not. Mistakes were made.)


Create a “blogging hub.” My Notion setup for blog content is very cute! Has it been updated as regularly as it should be? No. But it exists!

Draft reviews shortly after finishing a book. I started off really strong with this… and then I started going from one book straight into another, and now I have a massive backlog of reviews.

Visit other blogs more often. I’ve kept up with this, somewhat, but I do want to expand the blogs I visit beyond just the ones that show up in my WordPress Reader/email notifications.

Post more consistently & be more available. I think I’m pretty responsive and available, but my posting has been less frequent over the last couple of months. Especially on Instagram. I’m always on that app, but somehow I’ve only posted two photos this month…

Overall, I’m doing pretty well on my 2021 goals. I’ve found lots of time to read, so now I’d like to prioritize being more active on here and on Instagram. I would say “and on Booktok” too… but that might have to be a 2022 goal.

How are you doing on your reading goals and 2021 resolutions?

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