2020 Bookish Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s slightly terrifying to think that it’s already 2020 – where did the last year go? I finished a post-graduate degree in digital media marketing, and now that school is finally over, I’m hoping to put more time and energy into blogging – I’ve truly missed being able to celebrate a love of reading with all of you.

2019 was all about embracing change and jumping into more things head-first; about committing to starting something instead of putting it off, even if it’s messy and imperfect and kind of terrifying. I’m hoping to carry a lot of this energy over into 2020, and have written some Bookish Resolutions that I’m going to try to stick to throughout the year.

Reading Resolutions

  1. Read 50 books this year. I’m not sure if I can actually read a book a week since life always manages to get in the way, so this way I have a bit of buffer room!
  2. I will continue to support my local library. Libraries are one of the best resources for both readers and bloggers, so I want to prioritize borrowing books over purchasing them for myself.
  3. If I do buy books, I will purchase them from bookstores instead of online. There are so many cute independently owned bookstores out there and I’d love to visit and support more of them!
  4. I will read more backlist titles. I’ve been focusing a lot on the new, shiny titles, but older books need some love too. Hopefully the Beat the Backlist Challenge will help with this – I really need to get through the pile of books on my bedside table!
  5. If I’m not enjoying a book, I will put it down for a bit or DNF it. My to-read list is ridiculously long, so there’s no point in forcing myself to finish a book that just isn’t working for me – even if it’s one that everyone seemed to love.

Blogging Resolutions

  1. I will try to be a more consistent blogger, both in terms of posting and replying to comments in a timely fashion. I’m going to try to ease myself back into this, but eventually I’d like to have an under 24h response time!
  2. However, I will not feel guilty about taking breaks from blogging. I’m just coming back from a prolonged hiatus and have taken several others throughout my blogging life; these both helped me feel refreshed upon my return and I don’t feel bad for prioritizing my schooling in these cases.
  3. I will not compare myself to other bloggers, whether that’s in terms of ARCs, stats, or number of followers. I’m so thankful for all of my readers, and I’ll do my best to consistently show that. As long as I’m having fun and sharing my love for reading with others, I consider that to be a “success.”
  4. I’ll start drafting reviews shortly after finishing a book. Even if it’s just making a small pros/cons list, this will definitely make the process easier – especially since I have some books in my to review pile that I read months ago!
  5. That being said, I will never allow blogging to become a chore. I started this blog as a fun way to interact with other people who love books as much as I do, and I don’t want it to turn into a burden or something that I dread doing.
  6. I will visit more blogs and leave more thoughtful comments on others’ posts. There are a lot of blogs that I genuinely adore, and I need to do a better job of showing my appreciation for them.
  7. I will try to generate more discussion posts and personal posts – I want to get to know you guys better and let more of my personality shine through!
  8. I will be more available, whether it’s on this blog, Twitter, Goodreads, or via email, since I want to be able to interact with you guys more frequently.

Here’s hoping that I can stick with these!

Do you have any blogging or bookish resolutions for this year?

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