2015 Bookish Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂 As some of you have probably noticed, my posting and commenting has become rather sporadic over the past few months, due to the heavy demands of university courses. So I figured what better way to determine what changes I want to make in terms of my blogging and reading life and to hold myself accountable for them than some new year’s bookish resolutions?

Reading Resolutions

  1. I will purchase books from bookstores instead of online. There are so many cute independently owned bookstores out there that I’d love to support!
  2. I will read the books that I own before purchasing new ones. There are so many books lying around my room that I bought and never read, since I got distracted by other new releases. This year, I’m hopefully going to make a nice dent in that to-read pile!
  3. I will read all of the books that I’ve agreed to review. I have a few eARCs from Netgalley and review requests from authors that I need to read soon (or should have read a while ago), and I feel so guilty for leaving them this long.
  4. After I finish reading a book, I will start drafting its review. Even if it’s just making a small pros/cons list, this will definitely make the process easier – especially since I have some books in my to review pile that I read weeks ago!
  5. If I’m not enjoying a book, I will put it down for a bit or DNF it. My to-read list is ridiculously long, so there’s no point in forcing myself to finish a book that just isn’t working for me.
  6. I will not be ashamed of my reading choices (whether it’s a classic, a new release, a middle grade novel, etc.) and will read what I want when I want.

Blogging Resolutions

  1. I will try to be a more consistent blogger, both in terms of posting and replying to comments in a timely fashion. School is ridiculously busy, so I’ll hopefully take advantage of WordPress’ ability to schedule posts and/or use study breaks for commenting.
  2. I will not compare myself to other bloggers, whether that’s in terms of ARCs, stats, or number of followers. I’m so thankful for all of my readers, and I’ll do my best to consistently show that. As long as I’m having fun and sharing my love for reading with others, I consider that to be a “success.”
  3. I will never allow blogging to become a chore. I started this blog as a fun way to interact with other people who love books as much as I do, and I don’t want it to turn into a burden or something that I dread doing.
  4. I will not participate in or perpetuate any drama or negativity, which I’ve thankfully stayed clear of thus far.
  5. I will visit more blogs and leave more thoughtful comments on others’ posts. There are a lot of blogs that I genuinely adore, and I need to do a better job of showing my appreciation for them.
  6. I will be more available, whether it’s on this blog, Twitter, Goodreads, or via email, since I want to be able to interact with you guys more frequently.

Here’s hoping that I can stick with these!

Do you have any blogging or bookish resolutions for this year?


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  • Great post! This has sparked some bookish/blogging New Year’s resolutions in me…

    I definitely have to work on reading the books I own *before* purchasing new ones… I think every reader has this problem! I’d also like to work on DNF’ing a book without feeling bad about it. I don’t usually DNF books, but I’ve been in a massive reading slump. I’m totally changing that this year, and if there’s a book that I’m not feeling after at least 100 pages, I think I should try to move on.

    I’m trying to work on my blogging consistency, but I think I’m getting back into the swing of things! For a while I just wasn’t feeling blogging, and I constantly felt bad about *not* blogging. Thank god that’s over!

    Phew, long comment! I hope you succeed in your resolutions, and happy New Year!

  • I love your first resolution – it keeps browsing alive! I hope you find some unexpected masterpieces among the shelves. And good luck with that to read pile! I’ve got a similar resolution: gotta read a book I already own in between every new book I buy. Happy 2015!

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