libraries: Netflix for books?

Recently I came across an intriguing article on Book Riot that I thought I would share with you lovely people in the hope of starting some sort of discussion. The article was written by Kelly Jensen and is titled: “Libraries Are Not a ‘Netflix’ for Books.”Β 

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It is clear what stance the article takes on this subject- it argues that libraries are not the book equivalent of Netflix. The primary objective of Netflix is to make money because it is a business and that’s what businesses do. Libraries, on the other hand, exist to spread the love of literature, to act as a resource for knowledge and education, and to serve the community in general. Everyone is treated equally at libraries, whereas on Netflix those who can pay more money have access to more options and features than those who can’t afford to do so. Numerous other arguments to support this idea are explained in the article, but the very last line actually sums it up best: “Libraries reach out where Netflix reaches in.”

Personally, I wholeheartedly agree with the opinion emphasized in the article. I currently work as a page in my local library, and I know from my own experiences that the atmosphere there is not one that would be found at a business. Libraries are not there to make a profit, nor are they there to persuade prospective customers into buying their goods. Library staff members are there to be friendly and helpful- can Netflix say that of its service? Libraries provide patrons with an environment that fosters reading, learning, and a sense of community, which is a statement that Netflix cannot even come close to.

What is your opinion on this topic? Do you agree with the article or are you against it? Or maybe you’re even on the fence? Let me know in the comments section below- I’d love to hear what you think!



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