30 Day Book Challenge: Day 25

I stumbled across this 30 day book challenge by The Chronicles of Radiya and decided to give it a try. Hopefully it will lead to 30 consecutive days of blogging that liven up the blog a bit and give us a chance to get to know each other a little better.


Day 25: A Character Who You Can Relate To The Most

Every year, on the first day of school, my parents remind me of my very first day of kindergarten: all of the children were standing with their parents, and I was the odd one out, lined up against the wall waiting for the bell to ring so that I could finally start school. So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this love for learning has remained with me to this day.

In the same way that Hermione read Hogwarts: A History in advance to prepare herself for the school, I would spend the last few weeks before high school started up again reading and reviewing my notes just to make sure I wasn’t behind. (I also get to do that next week, to make sure that I’m all ready for university classes again). I would have a different book with me every day at school that I would read between classes, much like Hermione who seemed to live in the library.

I was called “Hermione” by one of the boys in my grade five class when I was new to the school and had a habit of answering all of the teacher’s questions and correcting his mistakes (much to his annoyance). It got to the point where I was given a limit of how many times I could correct my teacher or comment on a topic per day, probably because I came across as an “insufferable know-it-all.” That certainly wasn’t my intention; I have always researched topics that interest me, and can therefore speak (somewhat) intelligently on a variety of topics. Of course, it also meant that I had to help others with their homework and proofread essays… but I can’t say I minded that too much.

I’ve always greatly admired Hermione for her intelligence, her bravery, her fairness, and her loyalty. She’s been my role model since childhood, and I can guarantee that she’ll continue to influence my decisions in the future.


What character do you relate to the most?

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