Friday Finds (August 2)

Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by Should Be Reading, where you discuss books that you’ve discovered and added to your to-read list over the course of the week. These books don’t have to be ones that you’ve purchased – they can be books that you’ve borrowed, found online, heard about from a friend, etc.

As always, if you’re interested in learning more about one of these books, click on the picture and you’ll be taken to its Goodreads page.

Books I Borrowed:

Recommended by Goodreads:

What books did you find this week? Leave a list of your finds or a link to your post in the comments below.

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    • I never really noticed until now, but they are really similar. I do like the colour scheme and the simple design, so I’d be more than okay with it becoming a new cover trend, haha.
      Thanks! I hope I enjoy it too, since it’s so much easier to review books that I liked than books that I didn’t like. : )

        • I love that shade of blue! My dorm room had a really similar colour scheme (teal/black/grey) and a lot of people on my floor thought that I had chosen it to match the TFiOs cover (because naturally I had to bring books to school in case I had a chance to read). 😛
          Exactly! Sometimes, if a book really frustrated you, it’s hard to turn your thoughts into something coherent, respectful and constructive as opposed to just “I didn’t like ___.”

          • That’s so awesome 😀 I think that room would have looked so pretty with that colour scheme. Haha, I cant believe people thought that!
            I try to be constructive when saying that I didn’t like an aspect of a book, rather than just saying I didn’t like it. But I still feel kinda mean though :/

          • I was pretty happy with it. haha, at the rate I lent out that book, I’m not too surprised they thought that. 😛
            Me too – especially if it’s a book that I’ve received for review. I guess I’ll end up getting used to writing them at some point, but I’d still much rather write positive reviews when possible.

          • I really need to get onto reading that. But I just rented out about 20 books from the library, so I guess it will take some time to get around to it, haha.
            Yes! I feel horrible when it’s for review. I mean, if I just bought it and didn’t like it, I don’t feel as bad. Positive reviews are nice to write, that’s for sure!

          • I really liked it, so you definitely need to read it at some point. I always leave the library with so many books – you can’t go home with just one, after all! My holds always come in at the same time too, so I usually have my own holds shelf there… along with many emails from the librarians telling me to hurry up and pick up my pile of books, haha.
            I always feel so bad sending authors/publishers a review that’s less than 3 stars. I know that it shows that I do review honestly, but after they’ve gone to the trouble of requesting a review and sending me a copy, I feel awful about it. If I bought a book and didn’t like it, I think “I guess I should have bought ____ instead” and then make myself feel better by donating it to the library.

          • I know, right! I just kept on seeing all these books that are on my TBR, and going: OH I NEED THIS ONE, AND THIS ONE, AND THAT ONE! It was a very exciting library trip.
            I love holds so much. I usually have my own shelf, too, haha. I hate it when I don’t make it in time, and they put them away D:
            Yes, if they’ve sought me out, and sent it to me, I feel horrible. But they wanted an honest review, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad. But I still do.
            Buying books is different because you’ve paid for it. I don’t feel too bad about non-loving reviews abut books I have paid for. I can’t donate books to the library, but if I really hate it, I donate it to the local charity. but that has never really happened. Which is good.

          • That’s me, every library visit. Then I see books with pretty covers and go “ooh, I need this! I don’t know what it’s about, but look at it!”
            That’s the worst! I always want to call them and say “give me one more day, I need these books!” When they’ve come from other branches of the library, it’s the worst; I never remember which books I had on hold and I can’t just wander the stacks looking for them.
            That’s always good. I usually donate books that I probably won’t read again, since I have so many on my shelf that I haven’t read in ages.

          • Yes! The pretty covers always draw me in. I am so shallow when it comes to reading!
            They keep the holds for ten days now, when it used to be seven. So I am pretty happy. I am the same way. Even if I had waited 100 years for my holds, I can never seem to remember what they were if they get put back D:
            I am a book hoarder. I pretty much cannot give any book away. that’s why my house is filled with them, haha 😛

          • Me too. I know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but if it’s shiny and pretty, I’m definitely going to pick it up.
            I wish my library did that! Our holds are still held for seven days, and a lot of the time, they don’t even wait until the end of the day to start putting them back.
            Haha, if I had enough room for it, I would definitely be a book hoarder. My dream is to have a huge library (like the one in Beauty and the Beast) so that I have room for all of the books that I love. 😀

          • Yes, exactly! I like pretty books, haha.
            Ohmygosh, that’s horrible D: I am pretty sure they wait until the next day at my library. Sometimes, I even see holds of mine that have been there for like two weeks, haha.
            I sort of just shove them wherever they will fit. We have a spare room in mu house, and it houses all the books 😛 If my house doesn’t have a library, I will be completely shattered. I would love one that has stairs or ladders, and a fireplace. That would be amazing!

          • Pretty books just look so much nicer on your bookshelf!
            I’d be so happy if I walked in two weeks later and my books were still there, haha. My librarians are definitely efficient when it comes to getting rid of holds…
            I’ve filled the closet in our spare room with all my dressier clothing and my textbooks, but I never thought of letting my books take over the bookshelf too… I might just have to do that, haha. Ooh, yes! I’d love to have either a spiral staircase or a rolling ladder. Or both. 😛

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