Top Ten Most Intimidating Books

We all have them. Books that have been sitting on our to-read lists for ages or untouched on our shelves. We plan on getting around to them eventually, of course, but there’s just something about them that makes it easier to ignore these intimidating books until we’re completely out of reading material.


These books are just so long that I feel like they’d take forever to read – and, given my unfortunate habit of having to finish a book even if I’m not enjoying it, I wouldn’t just be able to put it down and move on to something else. If the font is really tiny or the book is split into multiple parts, it intimidates me even more.


I love classic literature, but I hardly ever bring myself to read it. Without the analytical assistance that my high school English classes gave, I’m afraid that I either won’t understand the point of the work, the content itself, or why it’s so important. I’m also afraid that I just won’t like it, which seems so wrong given that these books are classics for a reason.


This might seem strange, but books that are described as “critically acclaimed” or “most anticipated” worry me a bit – especially if they’re books that all of my friends have read and loved and raved about or if they’re favourite childhood reads. I’m always afraid that my expectations won’t be met and that I’ll be the 1% that didn’t enjoy it.

What books or book qualities intimidate you?

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  • Infinite Jest is a ferocious beast…it made the top of my list. I don’t hold it against you for fearing Ulysses, it’s a very challenging read–one of those classics that I despise with a passion.

  • You’re right about Ulysses and Infinite Jest….those books intimidate me, but mostly because I tried reading both and failed miserably. Les Mis looks intimidating but it is surprisingly readable (and enjoyable), and Room is a fast, easy read.

    Personally I don’t like thick books with tiny, tiny fonts and spacing….not that it intimidates me, but it seems like it’s never-ending and no matter how much I read, I don’t get very far.

  • Pretty much every Russian author I read in college confused and depressed me. War & Peace didn’t make my list… but it could have, if I included books I didn’t even try.
    Also, let me join the group of people telling you to read Angelfall… Come on, all the cool kids are doing it! 😉

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